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Interdisciplinary Alcohol Research Group

Members of the interdisciplinary Alcohol Research Group (iARG) are actively engaged in collaborations focused on establishing the biopsychocultural factors contributing to alcohol related health disparities in the Hispanic community. 

The biopsychocultural factors of interest to iARG are

1) biological markers of cumulative stress,
2) psychosocial indicators of stress and
3) psychosocial indicators related to culture

The public health challenge of greatest interest to members of iARG are understanding and influencing the development, trajectory and cessation of alcohol use disorders in the Hispanic community.

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Culture & Health among Hispanics Community of Practice


The Culture & Health interdisciplinary Community of Practice will address specific public health issues and how they relate to features of culture that influence health status and outcomes. We are a research-based community that creates and shares collaborative knowledge and tools, such as assessments and interventions. Our group facilitates dialogue and connection building and potentiates research collaborations to engage community stakeholders, create new data, and develop group publications and proposals.


The Culture and Health among Hispanics Community of Practice will bring together an interdisciplinary body of researchers and practitioners with the vision of disseminating resources and materials, influencing practice, providing training and outreach opportunities, and generating sustainable funding through collaborative research projects.

Check out our community of practice http://expertise.utep.edu/communities/culturehealthamonghispanics 

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